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This Retreat is like no other. If you’re expecting to train a little bit, sit by the pool all day and then train a little bit more, then we can promise you that this is not the retreat for you.
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This Retreat is like no other. If you’re expecting to train a little bit, sit by the pool all day and then train a little bit more, then we can promise you that this is not the retreat for you.
Onyx Fitness Retreats are designed like the word Onyx itself. Just like the stone, when in contact, all negativity is released from the person as well as pulling them out of negative situations. The Onyx stone is also one of the hardest stones on earth. Our retreats resemble this stone. We aim to not to make this retreat the hardest retreat on earth but to turn you into a more resilient human being. All negativity will be removed and what will be left is a soul and a body ready to be changed.
WARNING: We can promise you these few things:
  • You will be broken down
  • You will struggle
  • You will feel like giving up

We are not doing this just for fun. There is a method to our madness. Our aim is simple, to train a person to realise what they are truly capable of both physically and mentally.

Leave your EGO behind, you will soon realise that you are not in this just for you, but you are in this for the person to the left of you and the person to the right of you, you are in this together as a Team.


So why are we doing this? Our why is simple. Everyday, as human beings, we walk around and deal with many different stresses, social pressures, belief systems and this can compile into a belief for yourself that can be warped from actual reality. The words “I CAN’T” are often heard to replace challenges in life. We don’t believe this is the way. All these stresses compile into one thing. This thing manifests itself into a little voice in the back of your head that says “I’M NOT.”

Well let me tell you from here on in “YOU ARE.” You are full of potential, strength and energy that can achieve and do things far capable of your imagination. You are powerful and we believe that every human deserves to realise that, not just for them, but to help your family, friends, co-workers and strangers, because a better you can create a better world.


So how do we do this? All those stresses that hang around you, well those are a product of your environment. So first things first, we take you out of that environment and put you in a place that has none of those stresses. You’re away from work, family, friends and an environment that has you conditioned to think, feel and act a certain way.

Now you are ready! You’re naked from everything and every thought that says I can’t and really ready to see how strong, resilient and powerful you really are and to see what a team of warriors following the same path can achieve as one!

So here is a taster of what is to come:

  • Strength & Conditioning sessions – Private sessions, run by us at Titan Fitness.
  • Yoga – Designed to help recover the body.
  • Nutritional Cleansing – A menu designed to help fuel you and nourish your body.
  • Beach Bootcamp sessions – because why not we are in paradise after all?
  • Muay Thai/Boxing for all levels – Run by our family at Rattachai Muay Thai.
  • Trail Runs – Coached runs by our team to bring you back into nature.
  • Massage – Recovery is just as important as exercise, so its important to release your body.
As we said in the beginning, we know that this may not be for everyone but we believe it really is. This will be hard, this will be extremely challenging, but this will be life changing.
Yours Faithfully, Your Mentors,
Joey O’Dell & Jay Gray
Onyx Fitness Retreats


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