Joey O'Dell - EP7 Life Coach

Joey is an EP7 Certified Life Coach based in Perth's Southern Suburbs and dedicated to helping you establish your confidence and clarity of purpose, in every area of your life. Whether it be your business, career, sport or relationships, you will experience the alignment and motivation to act on and realise your goals. Are you ready to create lasting change?

The A-Z guide to Ownership

Better communication

Waking up each day filled with Discipline & purpose.

Designed for you

A program mapped out to help design the best version of you.

A fully guided program

Support throughout your journey to hold you accountable to your goals.

Fully supported

A place where you can feel fully supported.

Empowered for Lasting Change

EP7’s, 7 Steps along with your commitment to applying yourself to the process is the way you can take charge of your life rather quickly. Whatever your challenges, frustrations and goals might be, every step will either be vital or helpful to ensure you are changing how to think and relate to yourself and your environment, thereby attracting the outcomes you desire.

If you are looking for a personal life coach who can do more than help you set goals, develop an action plan and motivate you to stick to the daily action plans, but rather, help you become the driven and resourceful person that naturally achieves these goals, then being coached through EP7 might be exactly what you need. A complimentary life coach session in Subiaco is a phone call away.


The EP7 Journey

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Step 1 - Empowered Identity
Step 2 - Personal Assesment
Step 3 - Imagination
Step 4 - Intuition
Step 5 - Purpose
Step 6 - Living Purpose
Step 7 - Environmental Alignment
EP7 Coaching Certification

What our clients say about us

Joey completely changed life for the better.
I have committed to staying as fit and healthy as possible, but around 2.5 years ago my coping skills ditched the healthy option and reverted to using drugs and alcohol to numb the problems and pain. Joey’s wealth of knowledge, compassion, backed by a desire to help and improve others along with the course he provided, offered a total change in mindset and enabled me to learn new trains of thought for a positive change.

Todd Richards

FIFO Worker

“This has made me feel I have the strength to fight for my own needs and it has really helped me highlight where I drastically need to improve”​
Justin Wolfe​
FIFO Worker
“I can't thank you enough. for the things that have changed: Stronger, Fitter, belief in myself, disciplined and loving the rewards.
Nerida Burns
Mum Of 4
“I'm continually working towards taking ownership, more aware of my emotional state, and how my state can affect my reaction to those around me.”
Corey Phipps
HR Management

You should be so exceptionally proud of all you have achieved & how many souls you have touched over the years. I will never forget everything you have done for me, you went above & beyond as a coach, from being a shoulder to cry on at any time, to help me move house to escape a toxic marriage with my kids, to holding my crying baby so I could box it out when my dad died, to helping me through the darkest of days struggling with chronic depression. Joey, you have literally saved my life on more than 1 occasion. You gave me hope when I had nothing left, your kindness has helped heal my soul. 

Bethwyn Kenny

Construction Administration

“I have a better mental approach and sense of purpose for training, and being able to optimise my state of mind by being physically well."
Adam Totaro
Corporate Lawyer
"I've started to think about myself more, trying my best to be the better version of me, by acknowledging my thoughts and feelings and making sure I am taking care of myself."
Desislava Vicheva
“This week has been a real turning point for me. I feel strong and confident and in control of my life, and I put it all down to our coaching."
Todd Richards
FIFO Worker

Your life is more important than you may believe