holistik Coaching

Come on a guided journey throughout the SELF.

This deeper dive into SELF is set over 10+ sessions where we will go on a journey learning about the deeper part of who we are.

Trust, Sustainability, Connection, Love, Gratitude, Belief, Worth & Compassion.

The course is about helping you understand as many aspects of yourself as possible so that you can genuinely guide yourself throughout your life in a purposeful and connected manner.

We spend a large portion of our lives focused on everything around us.

From people & possessions to places, and this often affects how we show up in our relationships as well as how we show up for ourselves.

If we take some time to take ownership of ourselves we can find the answers we have been continually searching for.

The Power of Self Connection


Self Trust

To be able to trust is the ultimate beginning in any relationship, even the one with yourself. Learn how to truly trust not just so it makes sense, but also to know what true trust actually feels like. Trust is a valuable part of this journey into self, as without a level of trust in your own self, the information that you will receive will only ever hit the intellectual level and you will not be able to connect to the emotional level that you need in order to truly connect


Yin Yang

Taking you on a journey through the ancient principle and how this applies within everything we do through harmony.


Internal Vs External

Looking at a particular aspect of the Yin/Yang principal with the internal world and the external world.


Self Sustainability

The most beautiful and strong structures in this world are built on a strong foundation. This is exactly what we will do for yo. We will build you a foundation that will start to harmonise your day to day life.
We will look at the idea of harmony and start to create a plan for you for the next 10+ weeks that has everything in your harmony circle.


Take Action

It's one thing to have a plan, but to actually take action on that plan needs that level of trust that we create in WEEK 0. We need to trust that we have to create what we need.



This is not a punishment, THIS IS A COMMITMENT. It's a commitment to yourself to teach us that we are the ones that create what we have in our life and that can be anything that we stick to. We keep it SIMPLE and we get it done.


Self Connection

Being able to fully connect to yourself might seem harder than it sounds. Have you ever tried to stay still and turn off your mind? This is what self connection is about, finding tools that can help you slow down and really listen.​



We will learn some beautiful breath-work techniques to help us calm the mind and body so that we can be present in the moment we are in.


The 7 Year Cycle

We will learn about the natural law of the universe that is built as a series of 7's. In this case we will look at cycle of the human-being in 7 year stages and we will reveal some ideas about why we are the way we are.


our 7 Year Journeys

We will now go through and connect to any emotional attachments we have to our own journey in a 7-year cycle. This will help us to start to understand some of the emotions we have held on to in the past.


7 Year Release

This is a very potent and energetically releasing session. Now we understand on a deeper level some of the things that we have held on to within our life it's time to release any emotions that we are holding onto and anything within ourselves that no longer belongs within us. There is a huge amount of gratitude to be had in this session as well as an opening into a level of compassion for who we were and why.


Inner Child Connection

This session is all about finding the emotional connection to self-love. We often deny this feeling within ourselves because of a traumatic event and a denial of access to our inner child. It is important to start to create a relationship with our inner child so we can start to identify what we need in order to fulfil and start to create a deep love for our own selves.


Self Love

Starting to create love is more than just finding a partner. To truly express the love, you have to be able to feel it for yourself first. This can be tough especially with a lot of negative emotion that is blocking that connection.


Meeting Your Inner-Child

We will go on a journey into your internal world and connect to the inner child within you. Self-Trust and Self Connection are an important aspect of this journey in order for us to be able to truly feel what this is for us.


Our Shadow Child

The shadow or shadow child is a powerful, but sometimes hard to grasp concept, so we will start with a bit of education on what this is and how this shows up in our lives.


Meeting Our Shadow Child

Don't be alarmed. This isn't anything scary. It can bring us some very real and raw emotions and realisations. The shadow child has been there to support us and this can really help us see how.


I am the parent

Inner child, shadow child, YES there is a relationship forming here and becoming the parent for these "children," is an important part of transitioning into taking the lead role in your life.

Part of what we do

Physical Health

Our bodies are our capsule in this world and it is important that we look after them. Part of what we offer is a guided system that helps you maintain good physical health all while being able to support your life.


Breath is the only thing that we are born with, that is affected when all our emotions change, and only leaves us when we leave this earth. If we can learn to control our breath, we can learn to control our emotions for our entire life.

Emotional Health

It is so important for us to look after our "Mental Health," as this is what will guide us through life. Our emotions are often overlooked in this process as a form of health, but just like our body, we need to maintain our emotional being too.


Self-Belief & Gratitude

To have belief in one's SELF is the peak in our understanding of where we want to be in life. Imagine being truly aligned to who you are and having an unfaltering belief in that.


The Attitude of Gratitude

Gratitude is an incredible process that we often miss or take for granted in life. It is important to realise the power that embodying gratitude both internally and externally can have on us.


Emboding our Journey

So far we will have been through a lot in our journey. There have been new connections, a lot of letting go and potentially we will be in a position we have never experienced before, a position where we are in control. It is important to embody that and start to create a narrative for ourselves so that if we are ever tested, challenged or feel a bit off, we can always come back, to embody this belief in ourselves.


It Doesn't all belong to us


Ancestral Trauma

So here is something you may not have heard about before; not all of the feelings/pain/trauma you have is yours. There are many different concepts as to why or where these come from, but in reality, they are not yours. Firstly though its important to truly understand what this is and perhaps realise where his has shown up for you in your life.


Ancestral Release

As you start to understand what this means for you it's important to also understand that we can move forward from this and detach. In order to do this we need to let go of any emotions, attachments, beliefs, contracts, agreements and so on, that have been created around these within our life.



Our sense of worth is wrapped up in the belief systems that we have created for ourselves over our life. Now we have cracked these belief systems it's time to create a new way of being that is aligned to you.


What is Self-Worth

We have been through a lot during the past 8 sessions and it's time to start to honour and embody that. The way we value things in our life often finds us putting aspects of our lives on pedestals or creating a hierarchy of importance. This is in the external world, however. We will always struggle here if we have not found that essence of value within ourselves first. Here we will explore this in more personal detail.


Self-Worth Practice

Embodying self-worth is not an easy task and is something we need to work on continuously, but now we have released all of the beliefs that we had about ourselves and that were not our own, we now have the foundation to start to build our self-worth from.



In this final deep dive session, we will explore our feelings in regard to what we have experienced so far on this journey. We will explore each of the core topics of Trust, Sustainability, Connection, Love, Gratitude, Belief and Worth, so that we can completely understand the depths of what we have been through and start to find compassion in that we have been on one hell of a journey throughout our short lives and we can start to embrace the duality on all of it and to know that we are only human and it's ok to have things happen to us.



Once you have developed a compassion for yourself it can be a huge and powerful medicine to start to develop and feel true compassion for other. Perhaps in the ones closest to you, the ones that have caused you immense amounts of pain.


Always Moving Forward

The final piece to the puzzle is all about embracing the feeling of what we now believe we are and where we can go with that. There are always going to be times in our lives when this will change and we will have to reinvent ourselves once again, but it is always important to fully understand the purpose we will move forward with.


Creating Purpose

It is time to step into the journey and the part of life we are now on or even step into. Going back to our key foundation it is important for us to visit the 7-Year Cycle once again and start to develop your purpose and practice it.

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Meet your Coach

It has been a long and challenging road getting to the point where I was in a position to Coach, but now I am here, the feeling is beautiful.

Realising for yourself that you need something to change is an obvious thought that fleetingly spins through our minds from time to time, but actually making those changes are a whole lot harder.

In 2012 I made an attempt to take my own life. Woh Joey, that’s a bit heavy for an intro. For some maybe, but I believe in being vulnerable and honest and learning from my past and this is where the learning began for me.

What our clients say about us

Joey completely changed life for the better.
I have committed to staying as fit and healthy as possible, but around 2.5 years ago my coping skills ditched the healthy option and reverted to using drugs and alcohol to numb the problems and pain. Joey’s wealth of knowledge, compassion, backed by a desire to help and improve others along with the course he provided, offered a total change in mindset and enabled me to learn new trains of thought for a positive change.

Todd Richards

Project Manager

“This has made me feel I have the strength to fight for my own needs and it has really helped me highlight where I drastically need to improve”​
Justin Wolfe​
Project Manager
“I can't thank you enough. for the things that have changed: Stronger, Fitter, belief in myself, disciplined and loving the rewards.
Nerida Burns
Mum Of 4
“I'm continually working towards taking ownership, more aware of my emotional state, and how my state can affect my reaction to those around me.”
Corey Phipps
HR Management

You should be so exceptionally proud of all you have achieved & how many souls you have touched over the years. I will never forget everything you have done for me, you went above & beyond as a coach, from being a shoulder to cry on at any time, to help me move house to escape a toxic marriage with my kids, to holding my crying baby so I could box it out when my dad died, to helping me through the darkest of days struggling with chronic depression. Joey, you have literally saved my life on more than 1 occasion. You gave me hope when I had nothing left, your kindness has helped heal my soul. 

Bethwyn Kenny

Construction Administration

“I have a better mental approach and sense of purpose for training, and being able to optimise my state of mind by being physically well."
Adam Totaro
Corporate Lawyer
"I've started to think about myself more, trying my best to be the better version of me, by acknowledging my thoughts and feelings and making sure I am taking care of myself."
Desislava Vicheva
“This week has been a real turning point for me. I feel strong and confident and in control of my life, and I put it all down to our coaching."
Todd Richards
FIFO Worker