I’m Joey O'Dell. 

Keynote Speaker & Mentor
in wellbeing education

Wellbeing is the number ONE topic in the world at the moment and with the statistics around the world showing that our wellbeing is more important than ever, we need to start to implement changes at a foundational level to give our young adults what they need to support themselves in an ever-changing environment.

For a long time, our education system has given us the tools that we need in order to have the opportunity to excel in any career that we chose to follow.

However recent statistics show that our young adults are finding it harder than ever to survive in this world because they do not have the tools necessary to do so.

It is here I want to introduce to you ‘Kidulthood.”

A series of workshops and mentoring to help our children transition from childhood to adulthood through embracing their creativity, their true genius and equipping them will the tools needed to manage their own wellbeing.


Our Mission and Vision


With the rise of mental health-related issues coming up across the world, it is starting to speak volumes that there is a huge gap in the education system in our western culture.

My mission is that our children will have an education program implemented into the current system that will give them the individual ability to hone in on what they are gifted at and love, the ability to enhance their creative mind to allow their natural strengths to blossom and to have tools to guide them through the tough realities that life can bring.

My vision is that all schools will adopt a similar holistic approach to education so that our future generations are able to thrive in any environment they are guided into and to be able to change the curve of mental health statistics across the world.


What We Do

Public speaking
Keynote Speaking Events - In Person & Online
Life Coaching
Student Mentoring & Adult Mentoring
Resilience Retreats
Dayak - Resilience Retreats Running Every 8 Weeks
Online Group Coaching
Taking Ownership Of Your Life In 8 Weeks
Health & Fitness
Personal Training, Group Training & Nutritional Support


Meet The Team

Joey O'Dell

Joey started on his path of well-being development in 2013 upon moving to Australia, after spending 7 years travelling the world to over 52 different countries.

Since going through the EP7 program after a, less than perfect upbringing, it was quite hard to believe that this education was not taught in schools.

“There was much to do and to learn before being in the position I am in now, but it is my vision to help spread these lessons across Australia.”

Sharing a vision and a stage with esteemed public speaker Sam Cawthorn, Joey’s passion and knowledge for the EP7 system as well as his B.A.M principal’s came together to create “Kidulthood,” a way for children to transition from childhood to adulthood.

George Helou

George Helou became obsessed with personal development in his late teens when he discovered that his perspective and choices were narrowed by his education and upbringing. He experienced what he calls his first shock at the idea that what he thought was reality, was simply one way of perceiving and often limiting, in subtle but destructive ways. 

He has worked with and been mentored by Dr Deepak Chopra, and BMW and Johnson and Johnson consultant Dr Michael Hewitt-Gleeson.

George was asked to represent Australia by taking the seat on the International Council of the World Kindness Movement and to create Kindness Culture Workshops and Facilitation Training for Kindness Ambassadors in 22 countries. He gave a virtual presentation at the International Kindness Conference in Switzerland in October 2019 to begin training the facilitators.

EP7 & Verve Education


A reinvention process helps you change yourself and your environment very quickly. We do this by deconstructing how you see things and how you think, feel and act. We help you identify what is blocking your confidence and flow. We help guide you to restore and build a new way to be that will fulfil your immediate needs and your ongoing purpose in any area needing a breakthrough.

EP7 is the foundational education behind “Kidulthood” and has helped to empower teens and adults across the world.

Ep7 is also backed by Philosophers, Psychologists and leading University Professors in Australia.


The Anti-Shock method


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What we are up to



If you're a school, teacher or parent looking to know more about how you can get involved in the "Kidulthood" education program, please leave your contact details with a short message and we will be in touch soon.