Holistik Coaching

Do you have trouble navigating through consistent waves of emotions?

Do you feel lost in your current stage of life, feeling like things should be different, but not knowing what to do next?

Are you giving away most or all of your time to other people or projects, leaving you feel as though there s little time left over for you?

It’s ok. This is all part of the human experience.

We do however spend a large portion of our lives focused on everything around us.

From people & possessions to places, and this often affects how we show up in our relationships as well as how we show up for ourselves.

If we take some time to take ownership of ourselves we can find the answers we have been continually searching for.

A Coaching Program Designed To Work With You.​

Everyone is different in this world and we respect that. This is why all of our services are tailored with you at the forefront. It is important to help you see that you are amazing and capable of everything.

The Power of Self Connection


Self Trust

To be able to trust is the ultimate beginning in any relationship, even the one with yourself. Learn how to truly trust not just so it makes sense, but also to know what true trust actually feels like.


Self Belief

To have belief in one's SELF is the peak in our understanding of where we want to be in life. Imagine being truly aligned to who you are and having an unfaltering belief in that.


Self Compassion

We often feel the need to blame things or others for our shortcomings. What if, you were able to have compassion for yourself that helped you realise that you are in full control.

1-1 Coaching

A 1-1 exploration of you. Our 10-week program gives you a platform to fully understand, connect, and truly believe in who you are and what you are capable of.

Group Coaching

Our group coaching program is a beginner’s guide to the tools and modalities to connect to yourself on a deeper level, in an intimate setting with aligned brothers and sisters.


For all of our clients, we support, past and present, we consider you family. Come and join our Facebook group to stay updated and to receive new tools, and support.

Empowerment Retreats

We have been running retreats internationally since 2014. Come and see the power of immersing yourself with a group of inspired individuals willing to go deeper than ever before.

The Power of Self Connection


Self Sustain

The most beautiful and strong structures in this world are built on a strong foundation. This is exactly what we will do for yo. We will build you a foundation that will start to harmonise your day to day life.


Self Connection

Being able to fully connect to yourself might seem harder than it sounds. Have you ever tried to stay still and turn off your mind? This is what self connection is about, finding tools that can help you slow down and really listen.


Self Gratitude

Awareness is one of the most underutilised mental tools that we have at our disposal. That is where gratitude comes into play. Once you start to find gratitude for SELF the more your awareness grows to find things to be grateful for.

Part of what we do

Physical Health

Our bodies are our capsule in this world and it is important that we look after them. Part of what we offer is a guided system that helps you maintain good physical health all while being able to support your life.


Breath is the only thing that we are born with, that is affected when all our emotions change, and only leaves us when we leave this earth. If we can learn to control our breath, we can learn to control our emotions for our entire life.

Emotional Health

It is so important for us to look after our "Mental Health," as this is what will guide us through life. Our emotions are often overlooked in this process as a form of health, but just like our body, we need to maintain our emotional being too.

we are Nomadic

With the rise of mental health-related issues coming up across the world, it is starting to speak volumes that there is a huge gap in the education system in our western culture.

Our mission is that ourselves and our children will have an education program available, that will give us the individual ability to hone in on what we are gifted at and love, the ability to enhance our creative mind to allow our natural strengths to blossom and to have tools to guide us through the tough realities that life can bring.

My vision is that all schools will adopt a similar holistic approach to education so that our future generations are able to thrive in any environment they are guided into and to be able to change the curve of mental health statistics across the world.

Wellbeing is the number ONE topic in the world at the moment and with the statistics around the world showing that our wellbeing is more important than ever, we need to start to implement changes at a foundational level to give ourselves what we need to support ourselves in an ever-changing environment.

For a long time, our education system has given us the tools that we need in order to have the opportunity to excel in any career that we chose to follow.

However recent statistics show that our young adults are finding it harder than ever to survive in this world because they do not have the tools necessary to do so.

The Power of Self Connection


Self Love

Starting to create love is more than just finding a partner. To truly express the love, you have to be able to feel it for yourself first. This can be tough especially with a lot of negative emotion that is blocking that connection.


Self Worth

Our sense of worth is wrapped up in the belief systems that we have created for ourselves over our life. Now we have cracked these belief systems it's time to create a new way of being that is aligned to you.

Complete Cycle

This isn't a step, but more of a commitment to yourself for the rest of your life. This whole system is designed to be reused over and over again as you move through life and what it brings. Life is a cycle and so are we.

What our clients say about us

You should be so exceptionally proud of all you have achieved & how many souls you have touched over the years. I will never forget everything you have done for me, you went above & beyond as a coach, from being a shoulder to cry on at any time, to help me move house to escape a toxic marriage with my kids, to holding my crying baby so I could box it out when my dad died, to helping me through the darkest of days struggling with chronic depression. Joey, you have literally saved my life on more than 1 occasion. You gave me hope when I had nothing left, your kindness has helped heal my soul. 

Bethwyn Kenny

Construction Administration

“This week has been a real turning point for me. I feel strong and confident and in control of my life, and I put it all down to our coaching."
Todd Richards
FIFO Worker
“I can't thank you enough. for the things that have changed: Stronger, Fitter, belief in myself, disciplined and loving the rewards.
Nerida Burns
Mum Of 4
“I'm continually working towards taking ownership, more aware of my emotional state, and how my state can affect my reaction to those around me.”
Corey Phipps
HR Management